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  1. Excellent News Ceri, bet you're well chuffed now :D Looking forward to seeing the piccys :wink: Peter. 8)
  2. Tell me about it!! we're putting the 'flip' Focus up for sale this week just to cover membership fees :shock: Peter. :wink:
  3. You're right, just noticed that on a pic (can't afford the real thing :wink: ) Peter. 8)
  4. Open the boot with the key and crawl thru :wink: Peter. 8)
  5. Haynes are regarded as home 'Workshop' manuals, and as Tony says, they don't expect peeps to be poking about with the Mk2 themselves just yet :wink: They'll probably bring out the 'Max Power' version before the 'Workshop' :lol: Peter. 8)
  6. Sounds like Rich is comparing TDDi with TDCi rather than bhp variants of same engine :wink: Most TDCi's I've seen have the bhp on the big plastic engine cover, well the Focus 115's anyway :wink: Peter. 8)
  7. 'Ford' Finally acknowledge the 'FFOC' Tried & Trusted method then :D Peter. 8)
  8. Great thanks Ken, looking forward to seeing what you do with the new motor :D All the best for 2006 :wink: Peter. 8)
  9. Twas only a jest Ken, who knows, Loder may have been using someone elses wheels on that one :D Peter. 8)
  10. Think Loder1899 on the number plate kinda gave it away :lol: Peter. 8)
  11. Once you've disabled the auto-on, don't forget to use the aircon periodically, to keep the system maintained (approx 30 mins per month should do :wink: ) Peter. 8)
  12. Two different things matey, egr is exhaust gas recirculation valve, meant to help with emissions :wink: Peter. 8)
  13. I know what you're saying, and obviously I know they're on, but I still notice a sheepish look on some passengers faces, cos they don't know :lol: Peter. 8)
  14. Had a heated screen in my Focus, which was great, but add to that the heated seats in the Mondy as well as the screen and my mornings don't seem half as bad :D Peter. 8)
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