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  1. Not really, if anything it'll be thicker to stop the prat who walked out in front of you being impaled on the suspension turrets etc. What it will be, and what is causing it to dent, is absorbent-it will be constructed to deform under pressure, therefore channelling the pressure away from the prat.
  2. Blueprinting is basically removing the tolerances built into the engine by the manufacturer-they will build in tolerances for poor irregular servicing and low grade fuel etc. These obviously will sap power, removing them means you need to take scrupulous care of your engine but there will be small amounts of grunt to be gained.
  3. This is why I always drop my bonnet, and if it doesn't shut properly, I reopen it and drop it again. If I see anyone going to push it shut I scream at them!
  4. I had it on a hire Vectra I had and I couldn't get enough of it, it's a great option which if available, I'll specify. :D Funny that because I'm considering the Vectra as my next car. :lol:
  5. Nope, the air con can be off and so too can the blower. Everything will just mist up pretty quickly. :lol:
  6. Can't you press the air recirculate button? Swear the 2005 Focus I drove had one.
  7. I've had two windscreens in my Mk1.5 from Autoglass and no problems, just check to make sure they haven't scratched the paint as I've heard stories where they have.
  8. Personally if some scum car jacked me I wouldn't want them stopping fifty yards down the road again. I'd rather have the car Tracker equipped, phone the Old Bill and let them get it back.
  9. Eric that's excellent, good going mate. Nice to see Ford is actually recognising the problem-perhaps you could post the name and address of that dealer up here so people can try their luck with them. :)
  10. So this scoring of the cylinders then, what problems could that bring in the future? :? And like others have said, surely K&N wouldn't have such a good reputation now if their products were crap?
  11. Ford only change the paper filters every three years or 37,500 miles! If I have a paper filter in it gets changed every time the oil is, which is 6,000 miles.
  12. Don't bother for the moment mate, keep it new in the wrapping as it will fetch more. I'll post the figures from the RR day, my car did 118bhp with the K&N in it last November. Don't believe what it says about crap filtration though, my K&N had trapped all kinds of crap and the airbox past the filter was very clean.
  13. Removed the K&N out of interest from my 1.6 and it feels the same, will see what the results of the Beds Rolling Road day bring.
  14. I agree with the more frequent cleaning point (I clean my K&N about every 8,000 miles) but surely if it's oiled properly then there should be no problem? Might put the old paper filter in my car tonight and see if I notice a difference, also could test it at the Beds Rolling Road day if PTS are understanding. :wink:
  15. Warns of approaching German U Boats underneath the car IIRC... Sorry, I'll get me coat. :oops:
  16. Method of payment wasn't discussed but I bet more would come off for financing the car, they are bog standard I think.
  17. Interesting reading from Test Drive...they managed to eke a £1,495 discount from Dagenham Motors in Uxbridge off a new ST3...and £295 from Martin Ford in Eton, with delivery in a week.
  18. Replace them, then mark the inside with perminant marker. Then search on ebay, if you see it come up bid and offer to collect. Then give the little scrote a hiding. :lol:
  19. I don't understand why the Sea Grey gets slated, IMO one of the best colours for the new ST. :D
  20. If anything the tracking on your OLD Focus was out, the camber on most roads places the crown at the centre, meaning cars will require a slight steering input to the right to go in a straight line. I've driven four cars in the past week and they've all done the same thing over the same roads, I wouldn't worry about it.
  21. Ford could potentially wriggle out of any warranty claim as they could say it hasn't been serviced to their specifications. Go back to where you got it serviced and state that they are not servicing the car to the manufacturers spec, thus invalidating the warranty so you'd like the oil changed to 5w30.
  22. Lumbar support is towards the lower back part of the chair, it supports your back as you adjust it. I've never needed it in my Mk1.5 Zetec, has the best driving position of any car I've driven and is soo comfortable.
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