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  1. :lol: Busted Dave!! "http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee270/dave6202uk/o1.jpg"
  2. Mine only takes about a year to get clogged up like that :roll: Think it's down to water hardness and the type of screenwash you use, some tend to clog worse than others.
  3. Now please don't hate me for saying this............. Is there any chance the washer fluid could be frozen? I see you're location is Aberdeen and I know how cold it's been. Sometimes with mine the nozzels become frozen too :wink:
  4. I think you can buy aircon treatments from Halfords and/or motor factors. IIRC, you set the aircon running spray it in the cabin, get out and close the doors/windows and let it work it's magic. The reason for the smell is that the aircon system contains moisture and it a great breading ground for bacteria :?
  5. I'm guessing it's just a can of tyre weld stuff (or something similar) You should be able to pick this sort of thing up from Halfords or a motor spare place, however........ Using such a product will render the tyre completely useless. It's a temporary fix to get you home/to a garage or to somewhere you can put your spare on. Once used, the only option is a new tyre, there's no option for a repair. If you consider a new tyre is £70+ and a repair is around £10, you have to weigh up convenience Vs cost :wink:
  6. Depending how serious you're going to be about ICE, you shouldn't really have tweeters in the rear :wink:
  7. As Newcott said, it's more likely to be air rushing in as the tank will probably be under vacum. It might just be that the cap on the MK2 foci let's the air back in slower so the hiss is less noticable :?
  8. You could get a pair of Avons for around £150 and I've found them to be fine in wet & dry conditions. Seem to wear OK too.
  9. :wink: :lol: Oh yeah :lol: D'oh!!!!! Well ignore the last bit of my last post and rest of it's still valid :lol:
  10. Well i had set aside future money for lowering and other bits, but i checked my insurance and for me to hold a modified would coust £2k so im gonna throw my money at the ICE instead, ill probably be spending about 1k including a car pc, so say about 400-600 on the speakers/amps Well if you're thinking about spending that sort of cash, I'd recommend you get yourself to a decent ICE retailer and have a listen to a few setups (and then order what you want online :wink:) Are you thinking of changing the HU too? I'd suggest it's probably not worth throwing that kind of cash at the speakers/amp if you're not changing the HU as that will be a limiting factor in the overall sound quality.
  11. TBH, it's really going to depend on how much cash you've got to throw at it :wink: For example, you could go for cheap(ish) 6.5" alpine coaxials for around £85 (there are cheaper alternatives) and a small alpine 2 channel amp at £65 which would be loads better than what's you've got at the moment (prices from http://www.caraudiodirect.com) Or you could pay stooooopid money and spend anything up to £1000 on a set of speaker and amp :shock:
  12. But in effect the sound deadening will keep more of the sound/vibration inside the car. IIRC, by deadening your car correctly, you can increase your SPL by up to 3dB :shock:
  13. Auto Glym & Meguiars products are very good, however there are a lot better available for not a lot more money :wink: Take a look on http://www.detailingworld.co.uk The guys on there are fantastic, know their stuff and always willing to share their knowledge 8) For protecting (:wink: :lol:) I'm using Collinite 912 wax. At around :? £22 for a tin of it, it does sound expensive. However, you only need to apply it every 2 or so months, it's extremely easy to use and give a cracking finish. I've had my tin for nearly a year and waxed more cars than I care to count and I've still got well over half a tin! As for preping the surface before hand (clay/polish/glaze) there are sooooo many options but again, detailing world is a good place to start :wink: HTH Russ
  14. I've only got a MK1 zetec but I tend to set the seat back so I can fully depress the clutch with a slight bend in my left leg, the seat reclined enough to allow a slight bend in my arms and the seat height low enough so I don't bang my knee on the steering column. I think my head rest is roughly in line with the B-pillar
  15. Seconded!!!! All these things do is to trick the ECU into thinking the engine is running lean so it throws more fuel in. There certainly wont be any 25bhp increase, in fact I'd be surprised if there would be a 2.5bhp increase :lol: Cut your loses and don't bother fitting it fella, it'll save you money in the long run :wink:
  16. I've noticed that my Wi-Fi can interfere with my RCL, could be that someone living near your son (or ever your son) has one too
  17. I know how your Dad feels :roll: I wouldn't worry about an alarm, no one pays a blind bit of notice to them. My car got done a few years back and a security guard challenged them but was told to "F off or we'll f'ing kill you!" TBH, I don't think an alarm would have made any difference to them :evil:
  18. If you've got a MKII then I think the speakers are 6.5" and not 5x7s
  19. Try a damp cloth/chamois leather first. Failing that, look here http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/interior/cat_10.html for the Poorboys Natural Look dressing
  20. The only moderately accurate way to work out MPG is to completely fill the tank up, reset the trip odeometer and when it needs re-filling, go back to at least the same filling station (same pump is better) and completely fill it up again. Note the number of litres used to fill it, multiply by 0.22, this will give you the number of gallons then divide the mileage by the gallons and hey presto....... you have your real MPG. The trip computers are OK but I think most people will consider the above a more accurate method of workign out MPG :wink:
  21. Finding the Avon ZV3 very good since I had them put on last month (might only be available in ZZ3 in your size). Can't comment on wear but grip in wet & dry is good and road noise is minimal 8)
  22. If it's done properly then it's not a problem. Normally they'll glue a plug in the whole from the inside of the tyre. Up to 205 wide tyres (IIRC) they can repair if the puncture is in the middle 90% of the tread, for wider tyres it's 95% of the width. So if it's near the sidewall it's a new tyre unfortunately
  23. Think it varies from radio to radio and whether someone else has tried to removed it before hand.... MADMP3 and I spent an hour and a half trying to remove the wife HU from her Mondeo using an expensive set of keys with no luck!!! Mark tried them in another Mondeo the next day and the HU came out fine!!
  24. Unless you drive a performance car that's mapped for 99RON fuel then you're not really going to notice any difference in performance. However, there may be some long-term benefit if the brand of fuel contains cleaning additives
  25. Not quite the same but the wife's got a Mondeo 2.2 TDCi The daily commute is about 6 miles each way and a mixture of dual carriageways (50mph/70mph) and 30mph roads and she normally gets around 38mpg. I drove it up to Norfolk the other week and without driving like a complete Grandma, I got over 50MPG. Without wanting to sound too patronsing, she still hasn't got the hang of driving a diesel yet and insists of revving it like a petrol :roll: :lol:
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